Gutter Cleaning and Hangers

A gutter hanger is one of the most common ways to attach a gutter to roofs. It provides support for the gutters and the downspouts. Gutter hangers come in various different materials, ranging from copper, steel, vinyl to aluminium. Matching colors are also available for the vinyl, steel and aluminium ones, however, color-matching is unnecessary if the hanger will be hidden. Copper ones are usually left unfinished, as designers place more value to the patina that metal develops over time.

With older structures, gutter hangers were usually seen, as they bracket the exterior of a gutter, and are attached to the fascia or the actual roof. The fastenings on a gutter hanger are usually not visible, as they are hidden by shingles or other surfaces. While this kind of hanger is still available, it’s not used as much by designers anymore.

Most of today’s architects prefer a cleaner look that only a seamless guttering system can provide. Which means roofing designers have created hidden brackets, also known as K-style hangers. They use a similar method of being attached to a fascia with either nails or screws, but, some come with a fastener within their design. Hidden hangers are attached to a gutter with a metal lip, which is secured to another lip on the front of the gutter. With some colored roofs, the hanger will be color-coordinated and can be seen on the top of the gutter, however, this will depend on the pitch of the roof in question.

One obvious but very often overlooked part of a hanger installation is to ensure that it is installed to promote good drainage. Gutters require a slope towards their corresponding downspouts, otherwise, water will sit at a specific point, which in turn means the hanger will fail once the fasteners become loose. A maintained drainage system calls not only forĀ gutter cleaning but also for the occasional inspection to ensure they are all still secure and maintain the slope for water to drain to downspouts.

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