What Is Pressure Washing?

Pressure washing which is sometimes referred to as pressure cleaning is a technique of using detergent and water under a certain amount of pressure, in order to clean different kinds of surfaces. It is not uncommon for this machine to be used for cleaning exterior walls, patio floors, concrete walkways and even roofs. This method can be used upon different kinds of fencing materials too.

The method for pressure cleaning is directing a steady spray of water at a pressure rate, which is higher than a standard garden hose. Pumps within the pressure washer make it possible to set the pressure level for the cleaning job in question. For jobs where the need to clean surface dirt and grime, a low setting should be enough, however, for deeper cleaning, a higher pressure rate is recommended.

Most people are surprised to hear that most pressure washers do not come with any heating elements. Cold water cleaning is an excellent choice for most cleaning jobs, as the mixture of pressure and detergent is sufficient to clean the likes of decking, siding, and other similar surfaces. But, hot water is a better choice when deep cleaning is required. It is for this reason alone, that is is a better idea to check the pressure washer for any heating element, before one is bought or hired.

Also, the kind of cleaning agent or detergent which is used does vary. There are some products which are specifically designed to remove oil and grease from surfaces, whilst others are more general purpose cleaners, which will only remove the likes of dirt and grime. While a standard product is fine for washing the siding, the more concentrated ones are a better choice when it comes to removing grease or oil from garage floors or driveways.

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